Comparison of ALPOLIC®/fr and ALUCOBOND® PLUS ACM Panels

Alpolic fr compared to Alubond ACM Panel

ALPOLIC®/fr and Alucobond Plus ACM panels offer robust solutions for architectural needs with fire-resistant properties. While both products are coated with high-quality, durable finishes, ALPOLIC®/fr uses a Lumiflon® FEVE resin coating for a wide range of colors and glosses, and Alucobond Plus uses PVDF or FEVE coatings conforming to high standards for environmental friendliness and weather resistance. Alucobond Plus, with its 5005 marine grade alloy, is particularly noted for its suitability in projects close to water​.

FeatureALPOLIC®/frAlucobond Plus
Core MaterialMineral-filled thermoplastic coreMineral-filled fire-resistant core
Thickness Options (mm)3, 4, 6mm3mm/4mm/6mm
Aluminium Skin Thickness0.5mm (both sides)0.5mm (both sides)
AlloyNot specifiedAlMg1 NS41 (EN AW 5005A equivalent)
FinishFluorocarbon paint finish; Solid, Metallic, Sparkling, PatternsFluoropolymer (PVDF or FEVE) coating
Fire RatingPasses most countries’ fire-safety codesEN 13501-1 class B-s1,d0
ApplicationsExterior and interiorSuitable for buildings over 18m, diverse applications
Additional FeaturesLightweight, rigid, flat, die coater for uniform coating, variety of finishesWeather-resistant, eco-friendly coatings, fully recyclable, wide range of finishes