Corten Steel (Weathering Steel)

Given a sense of metals coming straightly from nature, Corten steel is the material of choice for many architectural projects. It is a suitable material for your building applications and designs whether it is commercial or residential.

Corten steel is high-strength low-alloy steel material with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance. As an extremely robust metal, it has become very popular as lower maintenance and lighter weight product alternative to other forms of steel.

The specific alloying elements in the CORTEN steel produce a stable rust layer that adheres to the base metal resulting in higher resistance to corrosion. Instead of corroding, the steel alloy at the surface oxidase and develops its own protective film. As the surface layer forms over time, the durability and appearance of the Corten Steel and any product made from it, is intensified due to the weathering. As a result, every cladding or product made from this material will create a unique and rusty looking finish for your facilities.

Corten steel is famous for its versatility and variety of functionalities among designers due to its weld-able structure. As a method, manual welding, submerged arc welding, and spot welding are used for this material.

Thanks to its sophisticated metal-cutting technology, PROFELEZ carves any design created or requested by you on the Corten steel sheets to create dazzling and artistic yet resilient and enduring panels to be used as fences or walls inside or outside your property. It can also be subjected to cold working and even gas cutting in a similar way as common steel while maintaining its strength level.

Corten steel panels exhibit a yellowish appearance at the first stage of utilization and the color gradually changes its saturation and adds a brownish finish to the cladding. This product is as unique as it sounds and offers a variety of decorative possibilities that are yet to be discovered.

It is time for a modern look. Trust Profelez to deliver the look you want.

Profelez will deliver products made of Corten Steel to you without layer of rust. However, if you place the material outside, it will eventually start to form the rust layer (after a few weeks to months). You will not necessarily need treatment before using it. Every product forms a different and unique layer of rust, depending on the climate and the surroundings.

CORTEN Steel Maintenance and Cleaning Tips:

Products such as building claddings that are made from Weathering steel or CORTEN steel are delivered without a protective layer or a layer of dust. Your products will generate a natural and beautiful rust layer over time. If your CORTEN steel project is outside, this metal will start to rust after a few weeks or months. However, every product will form a different layer depending on your house location. Although they are no special maintenance you need to consider for your weathering steel products, there are three things you can do to improve your product’s functionality and aesthetics.

  • You can clean the corten steel with a sturdy brush frequently to prolong the life of your product.
  • We recommend you to place or install the product in a way that it can quickly dry after rain.
  • Remove specks of dirt or fallen leaves from your CORTEN steel surface since they can affect the rust layer.

Advantages of Weathering Steel

PROFELEZ offers CORTEN Steel cladding panels that feature advantageous properties for specific applications. Our weathering steel’s primary benefits are:

CORTEN Weathering Steel is Anti-Corrosion

CORTEN Weathering steel is one of the metal materials with anti-corrosion properties that make it an advantageous material over other structural metals. Its naturally generating rust increases the lifecycle of the building cladding, which keeps your costs to a minimum.

Building Facades Made With CORTEN Steel Require Less Paint

The protective rust layer on weathering steel reduces the need for paint, dramatically helping you avoid some of the primary issues and potential damages due to volatile compounds found in colors.

Corten Steel Planter

Weathering Steel is Perfect for Heavy-Duty Buildings

Since weathering steel features high durability and strength, you can use them for heavy-duty building projects.

CORTEN Features an Attractive Appearance

The naturally developed protective layer of rust on the CORTEN steel creates a distinctive reddish-brown appearance which is popular among most architects and building designers. Thus, this metal is also practical for artistic, outdoor structures, and current projects.

PROFELEZ also provides beautiful decorative metal fence panels and privacy screens for your garden and exterior spaces. We produce decorative metal fences with various materials including CORTEN Steel. Read more about our decorative fences in the link below.

Weathering Steel Cladding Profiles at Profelez

Our Corten Steel Cladding panels and roofing options feature a range of profiles perfect for various applications.

  • Interlocking weathering steel panels for roofing and cladding, which are solid architectural lines and fantastic weather-resistant materials, are perfect for buildings requiring attractiveness.
  • The most popular CORTEN steel profiles we provide are eye-catching, the advanced seam sealing designs, and considerable span coverage.
  • Classic and traditional corrugated weathering steel panels that feature a rich earth-colored patina add a depth of charm to a beautiful building design.
  • Our snaplock roofing panels combine the strong lineal rib patterns with quick installation and perfect weather-tight seams.