Welding Services

Our fully equipped and modern welding services shop enables us to construct small to medium size fabrications in carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

In our company, metal welding is available as a stand-alone service, in combination with other fabrication services, or as part of a total end-to-end manufacturing package, which offers significant cost-saving benefits to our clients.

Our professional and successful welders are skilled with the highest level of metal welding services and have the required knowledge about the procedure. Each solid metal or alloy responds differently to heat. Metal materials soften and expand when exposed to heat, resulting in different uses and projects. They also react in a different way to the various methods of welding services.

Welding Services Considerations

We make several considerations before selecting a material and method for our welding services for your demanding products. These considerations include:

  • Melting point of the metal
  • Ductility and the way the metal reacts to stretching and bending
  • Electrical Conductivity which effects the usage of the metal
  • Strength which is defined by the breaking point of the material

Metal Welding Services

In Profelez, we provide welding services for different metal materials that can help you achieve best results in your design and construction.

  • Steel – Obviously, you are familiar with the strength of this material. This metal is an alloy that contains 98% of iron and 2% of other elements. Carbon/steel alloy is one of the most popular alloys available in our company. The steel is stronger when the carbon content is higher. Steel is very versatile and before starting the procedure, the metal welding areas need to be cleaned precisely.
  • Stainless Steel – This type of steel is hygienic and specially produced to resist corrosion. This is achieved by adding 10 to 30 percent of chromium to other elements. This metal is available in two alloys which are iron and nickel. Welding services for stainless steel are done by using arc welders, which include TIG, MIG and Stick.
  • Aluminum – This metal is also not corrosive just like stainless steel. It is much lighter than other metals. Aluminum alloys include copper, manganese and zinc. We use pure aluminum for our welding procedure. Profelez utilizes TIG welding services which is also called GTAW process for welding aluminum and other metal materials. Other method for welding services for metal material is GMAW, which is acronym for Gas Metal Arc Welding. Stick process is utilized only for small projects for this metal. We start the process by selecting a joint design such as tee, lap, edge, corner and butt for the base metals.

Combined with our other equipment and machines, We offer a full spectrum of services from quick repairs through to fully managed projects, delivery from Concept to finished build or repair.