Laser Cutting Services

Profelez is your best choice for precision metal laser cutting. Our laser cutting services are an essential part of our full-service metal fabrication service.

Laser, which is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, is utilized for many purposes in industry. On mild steel, aluminum plate, and stainless steel, laser cutting services are highly accurate, yield perfect cut quality, and have a small heat affect zone and kerf width. This ability allow us to cut small holes or intricate shapes for our customers.

How do the Laser Cutting services Work?

The laser is a beam of high intensity light that has single wavelength or color. In a typical CO2 laser, the wavelength is in the infrared part of the spectrum, thus it is invisible to our eyes. The diameter of the beam is about ¾ of an inch as it travels from the resonator. The resonator creates the light through the machine’s laser path. The focused beam goes through the tunnel of the nuzzle before hitting the sheet metal.

Constant wavelengths are focused by a special lens or by a curved mirror. This happens in the laser cutting services device’s head. The beam is precisely compressed and focused so that the shape of the targeted spot and density of the energy are perfectly consistent and round. By focusing the laser beam to a single point, we increase the heat density at the spot. When we begin the laser cutting services, the heat of the laser beam is enough to start an oxy-fuel burning. However, for aluminum and stainless steel, the beam only melts the material.

Laser Cutting Services with CNC Machines

On our CNC laser cutting services machines, for cutting your demanded shapes and patterns out of the plate, our machine’s head is moved on the working plate and creates your new product. The machine has a capacitive height control system that maintains an accurate distance between the plate and the end of the nuzzle. Precision in having this distance is very important in laser cutting services since it determines the exact place of the focal point which is relative to the surface of the material. Laser Cutting quality can be affected by lowering or raising the focal point.

Many other factors and parameters can increase or reduce the quality of metal laser cutting services. Profelez controls all the parameters properly and offers a reliable, stable, and extremely accurate laser cutting process.

Our customers are traditionally in the Construction, Machinery, Aerospace, Automotive, Computer, Defense, Electronics, Marine, Medical, Space, and Trucking Industries.