Shearing, Notching and CNC Router

What is Metal Shearing?

Metal Shearing is an industrial fabrication system that is used for trimming unwanted areas of a metal material. It is done by using tools such as bench shear and CNC router. This system does not require any heat and it is done at cold or room temperature. Shearing is a procedure in which there is no waste of chips produced. This makes it the perfect choice for us in manufacturing different products.

What is Metal Notching?

At Profelez , we have different machine to form verity of shape as “Notching” over metal plates. Notching generally means cutting notches in metal. It is considered as a shearing-related metalworking procedure that is done by utilizing a punch press for cutting unwanted material from the edges of a product. Based on shapes, notching could be rectangular, circular, or other polygons. As an example, think of a square in the middle of a plate for passing a tube.

There are different notching systems, each of which uses a separate mechanism for material removal. Tube notching is utilized on hollow metal pieces which are for removing excess material. Notching tube is often used for joining tubes and forming a specific joint, which is welded afterward. An example of notching would be in the fabrication of bicycle frames.

Notching allows us to create complex shapes for our customers. The sheet metal takes the shape of the punch which is used in the process. If you desire to have a unique shape, a special tool and die set should be created for your material. This system has the ability to be performed on different materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and high carbon steel which is considered a strong material.

Profelez CNC Router Machine

Profelez is equipped with the most modern CNC routers, which can cut and create shapes on any metal material at a low cost in a small amount of time. These machines typically use computer numerical control to route any path on a sheet metal, which is predefined by the designer or operator. They reduce waste and affect positively productivity.

Normally a metal fabrication services process can be summarized as below diagram:

As we have related machinery in Profelez, we can offer any metal fabrication services our clients need including ant notching over plate or tube.

Another offering service by Profelez is “Miter Cutting”.

Miter Cutting is a procedure for cutting of metal parts at a certain angle. We provide miter cutting on different angles for different metal shapes such as angle, channel, and tube.
The 45° angle mitter cut is the most common type in industry and that is generally used to form a corner, just like a picture frame, but there is variety of different miter in different angles.