Decorative railing and Gates

Imagine you have new choices for railing. No matter what is your project, high-rise building or home, no matter for interior or exterior, Profelez offers new types of metal railing. Aluminum, Pre-painted steel, composite panels and stainless steel is the material depends on your design.
Perforated metal systems add a unique look to any building while meeting safety and building code requirements. Use them to ensure privacy and deaden sound, while promoting airflow conditioning and a sense of openness.

Decorative Steel railings come in a variety of sizes and shapes for different purposes. When considering buying a railing, you must first define your design and budget. Railings are often more expensive, regardless of their material due to their need for complicated work. You can lower the overall cost by decreasing your desired sizes and have a consultation with us to choose the best product for your home. 

Stainless steel is the most versatile and cost-effective material for railings. This material is good for creating a variety of beautiful shapes and designs. This material is a modern and contemporary substance itself. You can utilize it for different environmental conditions due to its durability and recyclability. 

Nowadays, you can find contemporary decorative railings all over Canada, which shows the growth and functionality of the product. The minimalism and clean lines of these products make them perfect for modern buildings.

We offers products that can be painted or powder-coated for specific branding or design needs, and cut to size to simplify the installation process. Additionally, we provide a painting finish to match the color scheme of your facility or to add noticeable details to the overall appearance.
Decorative railing and Gates
Also we offers variety of creative designs for metal gates. Safety and appearance are the main functions of gates that can be congregated in our products.
Gates are one of your project’s element that gives first impression to the visitors so it worth to spend time and energy to receive a product to add value to your project. However, due to the various materials and designs, choosing one for your beloved home can be a bit challenging or even confusing. You can trust Profelez to make it happen for you.We offer different patterns and shapes, which will make it easy for you to find the most suitable design for your facility. There is practically no limit to your options since Profelez creates and decorates swinging, sliding and other types of gates.

We can assure you that we will breathe life into your ideas of railings and gates with the highest quality possible. You will definitely be satisfied and happy with your new and long lasting decorative products.