Metal Sub-girts

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Metal Sub-girts are continuous framing structures typically made with 16- to 22-gauge galvanized steel extensively used for the mounting system in roofing and cladding projects.

These are basically the components that are used to strap sidings to the exterior wooden/brick/dense (concrete, etc.) walls and though they are not visible after the siding project is completed, they are quite fundamental to the stability and durability of the siding.

Metal Sub-girts come in different shapes, lengths, and thicknesses depending on their applications; the substrates they are installed on; and the construction design. Sub-girts are installed horizontally or vertically; depending on the ease of installation requested, they can be pre-punched to reduce installation time.

Profelez can produce any type of sub-girt based on construction requirements. However, we can also provide recommendations based on our extensive experience of installing almost all types of sidings and working with all kinds of building materials.

The most popular types of metal sub-girts are Z bars, L bars, Hat Channels, C Channels, and Angels.

One of the most Reliable Producers of Metal Sub-Girts in North America.

    • Available in 11 to 24 Gauge Galvinaized G-90 Grade 33
    • Punching and Notching
    • Flat Straps
    • Custom Notched Bars to match any Cladding/Roofing Profile

Profelez’ Cladding attachment systems and metal sub-girts are produced for exterior installation.

Metal Sub-girts can be fastened unto concrete, concrete block, and mass timber walls. With wood frame buildings, Sub-Girts can be designed to be supported by either studs, the plywood or OSB sheathing. If you are not sure about the application or the option you are taking, please let us know and we will check and provide consultation.

Our production ensures our parts are cost-effective across the board and require lowest turn-around time for installation in the industry. Please ask us to provide details and practical data so you will start operations with peace of mind. We are always available for the support you need when you need it.