Decorative Metal Fence and Privacy Screens

Privacy Screens are perfect for:
  • Outdoor Garden Wall Art
  • Fence Panels and Facades
  • Feature Garden Gates or Walls
  • Oil Tank Screen
  • Water Tank Screen
  • Enhancing Backlit Features
  • Deck Privacy
  • Interior Wall Decoration 
  • Defining Outdoor Spaces 


Decorative fences and privacy screens have become one of our most popular products among our customers due to their advantages, which you should be aware of.

  • Outdoor privacy is the number one reason for having these products. Privacy screens can keep out your neighbors and maintain your privacy.
  • These screens work perfectly in protecting you from the environmental elements. During warmer seasons, they reduce the level of UV light and heat. Additionally, they offer you ventilation and shade, protecting yourself and the outdoor furniture from the harmful sunlight without vailing the view of your beautiful garden. 
  • Another benefit of decorative fences is the stylish appearance, which can intensify the aesthetics of your garden or interior. In fact, some of our customers choose these products just for aesthetic reasons. Why use a boring fence for your garden when you could be looking at an elegant and attractive screen instead. Whether you prefer a modern and sleek looking product or one that looks a bit rustier for a classic appearance, we can provide and customize our products to complement your decor and desire. 
  • As it is obvious, steel requires lower maintenance in comparison to wood products. It is important to have a product that is resistant to corrosion. Thus, we apply protective finishes and solutions to our product to prolong the lifetime of your screens. The additional coat can help your fences from being chipped and faded. 
  • Metal privacy screens are more affordable compared to having a full fence or a brick wall.

Imagine you can have safety, modern looking, and creativity of your own mind in a competitive cost comparing classic fences all at once.

With our decorative metal sheets you can have your privacy screens in any direction and any height. Even you can use them as a decorative elements of your backyard.

Each of our decorative metal fences has unique features for indoor and outdoor living areas. We install any of your demanding glow screens to create aesthetics and add effortless warmth and a magical feel to your spaces. Our talented and professional designers assure that you will receive a great work of art, which will definitely bring you a special feel, and your home will look great and unique.