Cassette panel systems

The PROFELEZ Cassette Panel system is an ideal and reliable metal cladding choice for continuous and flat exterior surfaces for residential and commercial projects with tighter budgets. For large commercial projects, Cassette panels present a viable option in contrast to Aluminum Composite Panel (ACM) or Aluminum panels.
The cassettes are strapped to each other on returned edges, which are fixed on a mounting system. This method results in a sturdy and robust attachment of cassette panels to horizontal and vertical substrates. Cassette Panels' installation speed makes them an attractive choice for large-scale projects, saving time and money.


  • Panels can be made using steel or aluminum sheets (this is an advantage over ACM, corrugated panels, or aluminum plate/panels)
  • Steel cassette panels are made using pre-painted galvanized iron (PPGI), which offers a choice of colors and thicknesses to satisfy your design requirements and budgets
  • Aluminum cassette panels give the same look like steel, and their lighter weight allows their use in soffits
  • Cassette panel system as a rain screen, preventing the flow of water from the outer to the inner wall


Use on vertical walls or soffits (horizontally) on any substrate for;

  • high-rise residential
  • apartment complexes
  • educational facilities
  • retail and commercial structures


The PROFELEZ Cassette Panel system complies with the Canadian building code.

Cassette panel can be designed and fabricated in different sizes (width, length, and depth):

  • Standard panel depth is ¾" but is customizable up 1½"
  • The maximum panel width is 56", which offers designers freedom in their design specifications. Panel thickness may need to be increased at certain width thresholds to maintain the cassette panels' proper stiffness. Alternatively, changing the panel material from aluminum to steel will provide more stiffness for the same thickness.
  • The maximum panel length is 140". Usually, increasing length does not affect any other panel specification.
  • Cassette panels are made using Steel or Aluminum. The material would be a 20, or 22, or 24 gauge Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel (PPGS) for steel panels. For aluminum panels, the thickness can be 16 or 18 gauge.
  • The coating is either Poly-vinylidene Fluoride (PVDF), which is UV and stain resistant, or Silicone Modified Polyesters (SMP), which provide extra gloss and durability.
  • Although some colors may not be available from sheet suppliers, PROFELEZ can match any color for either coating.

Advantages of cassette panel system

  • Quick installation comparing custom-made cladding panel systems
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Wide range of colors and textures
  • Strong and durable
  • Environmentally friendly (100% recyclable)