Tube and Pipe Cutting

Besides sheet metals and building materials, Profelez offers services for tube and pipe cutting services in 3D flexibility to cut a variety of shapes including round, square, I-beam, and other structural applications.

Many factors are involved in choosing the best and practical technology or method for tube and pipe cutting services. It is good for you to know that in plumbing systems, tubes and pipes can be produced from materials of different densities, flexibility such as copper, galvanized steel, and iron. When it comes to making plumbing repairs or tube and pipe cutting services, we use the most appropriate machines depending on the types of materials and shapes.

Profelez Tube and Pipe Cutting Process

We consider different factors before starting the procedure such as wall thickness, end-conditioning requirements, and secondary process requirements. Other factors, which have less priority but also play a role, include cutting efficiency, overhead costs, production volume, and special requirements of the tube or pipe material.

Tube and pipe cutting services increase your productivity, simplify and strengthen component assembly and improve component tolerances through more precise laser-cutting.

Tube and Pipe Cutting Services Machine

Our tube and pipe cutting machines can cut:

Round pipe: 20-220mm
Square pipe: 30*30mm to 140*140mm
Pipe length: up to 6 meters

When it comes to a small tube and pipe cutting services that customers demand, some issues can occur during the procedure such as the ending collapse, tube crushing, and clogging inside the diameter. However, Profelez has the ability to cut these types of tubes and pipes successfully without causing any damages to your product.

We provide high pace tube and pipe cutting services and systems and offer appropriate costs for the service. However, speed and cost are not the priority when it comes to production and cutting your tubes and pipes. Quality is the first thing you should consider before demanding the service.

Pipe and Tube Cutting Precautions We Make

In our company, before starting the tube and pipe cutting services procedure, we measure the diameter of the pipe or tube to be cut to make sure that we choose the cutter size precisely for the job. After determining the method for making a straight cut, we mark on the surface where we want to cut. We ensure that the cut is as straight as possible by securing your product with a clamp, vise, etc. to prevent the length from being displaced or shifted out while cutting. Thus, we assure you that you will receive the best quality service from our skillful professionals.

You can use our services to increase your productivity. Cutting tubes and pipes can open a new horizon for mechanic engineers or other system designers to go beyond constraints and find state-of-the-art solutions to any problem.
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