Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) Fabrication

Stop overpaying for ACP fabrication.

Aluminum Composite Panels - ACPs

Aluminum composite panels are ideal for anyone seeking dimensional stability, a sleek appearance, low weight, and low maintenance. At Profelez, we fabricate top-quality ACM panels that can be easily integrated into any interior or exterior design. We can fabricate panels using your brand of choice, including Alpolic, Alucobond, and Alfrex.

ACM panels are a cost-effective solution for creating spectacular building facades. They have become increasingly popular among architects and builders.

At Profelez, we have a well-stocked inventory of materials, cutting-edge production equipment, and a team of experts. From design to fabrication, we ensure that your project meets your requirements and is completed on time, on budget, and without any hassles.

Aluminum Composite Panels Benefits and Advantages

  • Lightweight – ACM has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio
  • Low-cost Building Claddings
  • Aluminum Composite Panels are Non-combustible
  • Flexible – can be used around curves and corners and for unusually shaped facades
  • Incredibly strong and durable can withstand harsh weather
  • ACM Panels are Available in a large selection of colors
  • Requires minimal maintenance due to its PVDF coating and finish
  • Vibration Absorption – Aluminum Composite Panel is perfect for sound insulation
  • Energy Efficient – minimizes heat infiltration in both cold and warm months
  • ACM panels feature easy Installation and Fabrication Methods

ACM panels are most commonly used in ventilated facades and cladding systems. The exterior part of your buildings contains several layers that stand out for their effectiveness in providing insulation due to their thermal behavior.

In addition to the general cladding system, ACM panels are perfect for:

  • Exterior and interior cladding
  • Flat, curved, sloped, or vertical surfaces
  • Column covers
  • Canopies
  • Soffits
  • Signage
  • Roof Edges


  • Core thickness of 3 millimeters, variable outer layer aluminum thickness from 2/10th to 6/10th of a millimeter to accommodate a wide range of design requirements.
  • Size & shape can be customized be to requirements

We Can Customize Your ACM Panels Finishes

Depending on your chosen hue and finish for your aluminum composite panel, the material can receive multiple types of coatings and treatments. Here are some of the most demanded, common, and popular finishing paints that we utilize for our composite panels:

PVDF (Fluorinated Polyvinyl): It has a higher folding capacity and better resistance against aging. Additionally, PVDF protects the panels against UV rays.

FEVE (Lumiflon): This coating is similar to PVDF but has better hardness and less flexibility. FEVE allows us to achieve a more fantastic gloss range for your panels.

HDPE (High Durability Polyester): When it comes to adding additional textures to the aluminum composite panel, the best finish would be HDPE.architects to create the most contemporary and long-lasting building facades for you.

Our Aluminum Composite Panel Special Finishes

Our aluminum composite panels allow us to apply a large number of various finishes. Additionally, ACM panels can be adapted to any hue and color from the RAL color chart. Over time, we have added some special finishes with texture effects, imitating concrete or wood, providing more options for our clients.

At Profelez, we offer two popular series of aluminum composite panels: the Solid and Metallic Series. Our Solid Series panels have solid finishes that hardly vary their tonality with the incidence of light, resulting in a homogenous appearance that conveys a sense of resilience to your building facades. These panels are easily combined with other finishes, making them a versatile and practical choice for various applications.

On the other hand, our Metallic Series panels have a beautiful, eye-catching appearance that can vary in shade with the incidence of sunlight. These panels are a popular choice for large building facades, where their metallic finish adds added aesthetic appeal.

Other Special ACM Finishes: POFELEZ also offers different special finishes for your aluminum composite panels, including:

  • Textured Effects
  • High-Gloss or Matte Surfaces
  • Wood Finishes