Aluminum composite panel (ACM)

Aluminum Composite Panels consist of a rubber core sandwiched between two aluminum layers. The core can be either Polyethylene or fire-retardant mineral material. The aluminum outer layer creates a lightweight construction-grade yet flexible cladding material available in various colors and textures.

Profelez, manufactures ACM panels that can fit into any interior or exterior construction designs that require extra dimensional stability, sleek and brilliant look, low weight and low maintenance. Our products, which are lightweight materials, are eye-catching, durable, attractive and practical for use in framings and visual merchandises, etc.

At Profelez, ACM panels are created in a special way to have an easy installation procedure for building cladding.  In the language of architects, the cladding is a process of  covering building facades with some other durable materials to protect the facility when exposed to different damaging factors such as rust, acid rains, wind, etc. We develop these panels with a waterproof and fireproof specifications, which are safety standards for buildings, and you should consider them before buying any claddings for your house. Another great thing about our product is having a variety of paint finishes and we can even imitate them with other materials such as wood. 

Architects and builders utilize Aluminum Composite Panels for spectacular and cost-effective building facades creation. Cities started to have a modern appearance since these panels were utilized for the first time by the designers. This composite material is known as the third most common element found in Mother Nature’s crust, thus producing them is easier in comparison to other materials. This means the usage amount of them is growing day by day and they have become an essential material for people’s building. 

With a well-stocked inventory of materials, the latest production equipment, and expertise, PROFELEZ offers an exceptionally cost-effective and worry-free way to deliver turnkey ACM cladding projects. Design, fabrication, and installation - we take care of it all!


  • Lightweight - ACM has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio
  • Low-cost
  • Non-combustible 
  • Flexible - can be used around curves and corners and for unusually shaped facades
  • Incredibly strong and durable can withstand harsh weather
  • Available in a large selection of colors
  • Requires minimal maintenance due to its PVDF coating and finish
  • Vibration Absorption – is perfect for sound insulation 
  • Energy Efficient - minimizes the heat infiltration in both cold and warm months
  • Easy Installation and Fabrication Methods 


  • Exterior and interior cladding 
  • Flat, curved, sloped, or vertical surfaces
  • Column covers
  • Canopies
  • Soffits
  • Signage
  • Roof Edges


  • Core thickness of 3 millimeters, variable outer layer aluminum thickness from 2/10th to 6/10th of a millimeter to accommodate a wide range of design requirements.
  • Size & shape can be customized be to requirements
aluminium composite panel
aluminium composite panel