Cutting Metal services are essential to industry and technology. There are various methods of metal cutting services available. However, two of the most common options are metal laser cutting and water jet cutting when it comes to accurate, high-tech systems. Both methods are perfect for industrial applications. However, in the battle between laser-cut and water-jet cut, which is method is preferable? Like other metal fabricating services, each method has its unique advantages and drawbacks. This article will inform you of the attributes that set these practical technologies apart and some other metal cutting and fabricating systems that you may consider utilizing for your next project.

Complete Comparison Between Metal Laser Cutting Services and Water Jet Cutting

These essential factors to consider when choosing metal laser cutting services and water jet fabrication include:

  • Tools, Equipment, and Component Costs
  • Operating Costs
  • Machine Costs
  • Wastage
  • Versatility
  • Speed
  • Precision and Accuracy
  • Noise Pollution and Safety

Tools and Component Costs for Metal Laser Cutting Services and Jet Water

Metal laser cutting services are perfect for clients who are looking for inexpensive tooling. This fabrication method features a laser-driven machine, which requires no tooling, which is one of the advantages of laser cutting. The operator programs the cutting path, and the machine does the rest by itself. Even the laser generator, which is the crucial component of this type of metal cutting, is not expensive due to the demand increment of such products. The most costly aspect of using a laser cutting machine is the power consumed to operate the cutting device. For outsourced projects, the vendor’s cost of operating is expected. The laser tube can last about two years, and after that, the owner can refurbish it for about 3000$-5000$. However, a new metal laser cutting service tube will cost about 7000$.

On the other hand, water jet metal cutting is pricier due to the consumables and component wear. The water pump requires regular maintenance, and the manufacturer should use nozzles, seals, cooling water, cutting water, and abrasive medium to run with the cutting machine. However, this metal cutting system does not require additional tooling, and there is only a need for an operator to program a cutting path in the CNC machine.

Operating Costs for Laser Cutting and Jet Water Cutting

The operating costs between metal laser cutting services and jet water cutting also vary. Laser cutting costs between 13$-20% per hour to run, and water jet has a general cost range of 15$-30$ per hour. Operating costs are almost similar, and the total cost will depend on the project’s demand.

Machine and Devices Costs

In the case of outsourcing the metal cutting services, there is no need to know the cutting machine and devices price. One advantage that water jet cutting has over laser metal cutting is a lower machine price.

Wastage of Both Systems

One of the overlooked aspects of any metal fabrication system is the cleaning up process. The laser cutting method does not make a mess aside from a small amount of dust. On the other hand, the water jet cutting method involves a more thorough cleanup.

Work Speed

Speed and low time consumption are essential for all metal suppliers and fabricators. Laser-cut machines can fabricate more materials, and in some cases, the device can cut up to 70 pieces of work in a minute. If you want to do a DIY process job with higher speed, reading our guide to metal laser cutting is recommended. Water jet can cut about 20 pieces per minute.

Metal Laser Cutting Services and Water Jet Accuracy

Laser cutting is the dominant method of metal fabrication when it comes to precision and accuracy. This system can cut the minor edges without leaving any distorted areas


The only drawback of laser cutting services is that they have some limitations. For example, manufacturers cannot cut marble. However, it is possible to fabricate metals, plastic with limited thicknesses. This depends entirely on the wastage rate the vendor’s machine will offer. In contrast with laser metal cutting, water jets are very flexible, and they can cut any material with any demanding depth or thickness.

Noise and Safety

Metal laser cutting services are well known for their quiet and safe procedure. On the other hand, the water jet cutting process has a lot of noise and is considered more dangerous. Thus, if the client wants to have water jet fabrication, it should be done by experienced experts, which can cost more money.

Other Metal Cutting Services that are Practical

As mentioned before, there are various other methods utilized to cut and fabricate metal materials. Two of the popular techniques are plasma cutting and turret press.