Most people mention a CNC router as a machine for cutting and engraving wood and plastic. However, these industrial machines are also utilized for various metal substances, including aluminum, copper, brass, etc. Fabricating metal sheets with a CNC router is not as efficient as modern methods like metal laser cutting but is still practical for producing different products.

What is Metal CNC Router Machine?

The word CNC attains for Computer Numerical Control and refers to industrial devices that have been incorporated into a variety of modern technologies and machinery. One of the popular devices used in this type of machining is called a CNC Router.

The Metal CNC Router is a device similar to the commonly utilized handheld router that is practical for cutting and fabricating various substances. This particular machine can aid in the cutting of materials such as ACP materials (aluminum composite panels) and Steel. This industrial machine is also similar to a CNC mill and comes with the ability to use computer numerical control to route tool paths that allow the device to function. The great thing about the CNC router is that it reduces the waste amount and increases productivity by producing various pieces in a much shorter amount of time than other industrial tools and equipment.

Working Process

Understanding the metal CNC router working process requires having information about the basic terms. The computer program tells the router to cut a hole, shapes, or specific predefined designs in this industrial machine. The operator should complete the step, and then the device starts the process equivalent to the programmed instructions. The basic working process consists of three primary phases, which are as followed.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Phase

The first process performed by the Metal CNC routing service provider is the CAD. The phase is used to create a three-dimensional image of the demanding product, whether it is building materials or other metal supplies. The CAD phase is a crucial part of the process because the metal fabricator should use the material for producing cut-outs. The working piece usually takes three directions in a specific area.

Using and learning CAD programs takes some degree of patience. However, other practical methods and software are currently used for Metal CNC Router programming, such as Catia, Power mill, etc. The programmer should get used to moving around and checking objects on a three-dimensional plane.

G-Code Phase for Metal CNC Router

After creating the 3D design of the demanding product, the operator must translate the image into the information that the Metal CNC Router understands. For this purpose, metal fabricators use G-code. This phase tells the machine how and where to move for further cutting. Utilizing G-code is similar to using the direction that is available for completing the design’s map. Due to the growth of technology and constant advances in software developments, converting the 3D image into G-code is straightforwardly possible.

Machining Stage

The machining stage involves cutting the aluminum or other metals with the CNC router and creating the demanding industrial product. This phase materializes the computer work very accurately. As the process starts, the workpiece of metal evolves into an object that is pre-designed digitally. The machining is the most straightforward stage of the Metal CNC routing process, and after the CAD and G-code are ready, it is possible to alter the dimension of the material.

What to Look for When choosing the CNC Machine?

There are various factors to look for when choosing the CNC machine for cutting metal materials for multiple applications such as building claddings, rainscreens, tools, furniture, etc.

  • Capacity: This depends on the size of the demanding project. If you need to work on a big project, it is better to choose a larger CNC router.
  • Duty Cycle: It is essential to define the usage plans whether there are small purposes to pursue or a goal for producing large amounts of products.
  • Power: Depending on the type of project and work, the CNC router power will play an essential role, like the machine’s horsepower. Additionally, choosing the type of motor or spindle is crucial. The machine’s capacity ensures the correct amount of quality and speed of the cuts on the material. Equivalent to the project requirements, CNC machines have designs to work with specific power and size motors. It is better to use a water-cooled spindle for typical usage, and of severe projects, choosing a liquid cooled spindle might be the best choice.
  • Durability: Not all fabricating machines will perform accurately for longer durations. Industrial machines tend to wear as they fabricate lots of parts working with friction. Thus, depending on the amount of production, choosing the device with specific durability is essential.