Aluminum Composite Panels are fast growing industrial metal material, which have gained popularity over past few years. For many years, architects and builders had issues with different materials until about 100 years ago. The ideal aluminum solution was introduced in 1969 and since then architects start to realize the amazing characteristics of the product. Their applicability is expanding day by day due to their energy efficiency, economical friendly and construction versatility characteristics. These materials are mainly used for external cladding and interior designing purposes. They are designed for modern construction of ventilated facades and their providing solutions are suitable for all fields of architecture. These perfect construction products have two main specifications, which are being lightweight and having easy fabrication and installation system. The benefits of the product changed the look of city skylines, offices, commercial facilities and even residential areas.

Brief Introduction about Obtaining Aluminum

Aluminum is defined as third most common element found in our planet’s crust. It is naturally found in many silicates and then it can be extracted from the mineral, which is known as bauxite. The bauxite is a sedentary rock, which has a high-level aluminum content. This metal has low density and it is resistant to corrosion. Thus, it is and extremely approvable material for many industrial applications and projects.

ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel) Cladding System

Aluminum Composite Panel contain two sheets of aluminum, which have thermoplastic core made of polyethylene that bond them together. The product is divided into three main classes depending on the mineral load of the structural core, which can be non-combustible or fireproof. The aluminum composite panel is produced with a continuous and frequent lamination process. In this this procedure, a sheet of material which should make up the core is extruded and compacted in between aluminum sheets and then the flatness of the product is applied with a perfect protective film. Due to this structure, this material is perfect for exterior wall cladding systems and projects. Cladding means a building façade material, which is covering other constructional materials in order to protect the building from damages caused by weather, pollution and light exposure.

ACP cladding systems can create a modern and elegant finish for the exterior. Along the architectural usage of the product, it is also applicable for interior designing process. Thus, it can be very useful for enhancing inner decoration of a facility. ACP materials are perfect for solving insulation issues due to their thermal behavior, which is achieved by facades. It is good to know that aluminum-ventilated façade can create chimney effect between its layers. This ability can generate a frequent ventilation in the chamber and maintain a stable and balanced temperature. Thus, this results in energy saving and energy efficiency compared to other conventional systems. This can make the heat evacuated in summer and renew the circulation air. In winter, the perfect insulating specification of the product, prevent the heat from wasting and infiltrating to outdoor areas.

Main Advantages of Aluminum Composite Panels


Most of the ACP materials come with FR grade feature, which shows that they are fire resistant due to the mineral core used in between aluminums. However, the material is already fireproof naturally and it does not ignite and catch fire up to 600 degree Celsius. This property of the product helps to ensure the safety of any facilities from houses to skyscrapers.


Aluminum Composite is one of the most sustainable, eco-friendly and recyclable materials available in construction industry. It ca be recycled without losing its quality or value. In addition, this material is used widely in solar heating and energy saving systems.

Lightweight Metal

The weight of any constructional material is an important factor for building procedure. It helps drive up the cost of the average operation of the construction. Heavy materials require special equipment and multiple transporting systems in order to be placed in construction sites. Using aluminum composite panel will not have such issues due to its lightweight characteristic.

Stalwart Physical Properties

ACP sheets come with stalwart physical properties, which make them perfect as cladding material for façade or exterior of any facility. They are also known for having extreme heat and noise insulation characteristics, which keeps the area quieter and cooler. These products are also UV resistant, thus they have longevity

Variety of Colors and Finishes

Composite panels come with variety of colors, finishes and styles. Thus, costumer is allowed to choose from Copper, Zinc and brush colors, which can match the specific design of any business. The Zinc color includes Quartz, Pigmento blue, Anthra, Pigmento red, Pigmento orang and gray. They are also ACPs, which look like woods and are called wood siding.

Modern and Techy Appearance

The beaming and mirror like surface of the aluminum creates a modern and stylish design for the exterior of a building. One the most common pattern in architecture is the blocky design, which is with flat roofs, which is a complete aluminum composite material.