Decorative metal fences and gates are essential components of any home which provide safety with an aesthetic appearance. Building material suppliers and manufacturers produce different types of decorative metal fence panels and screens for residential and commercial facilities. Some of the most common privacy screens and metal gates include wrought iron, chain link style, and picket style.

The type of decorative metal fencing that is chosen varies depending on the facility’s location, needs, and preferences of the homeowner. Other factors such as security and safety affect the metal gates and fencing choices. In most cases, homeowners can choose ornamental decorative fences and privacy screens and still benefit from their functionality and high-level security depending on the home or business needs.

Applications of Decorative Metal Fence Panels and Gates

As told, there are different types of decorative metal fence panels and gates, and each system has its unique properties and features for indoor and outdoor applications. Building contractors and builders install these metal products to create aesthetics and add warmth to the garden or the interiors. The unique thing about these materials is that they are considered works of art. Thus, many applications can be made using metal fencing and privacy screens. Here are the few reasonable practices of decorative fence panels and gates:

  • Decorative Metal Fence Panels for Garden Safety and Aesthetics
  • Building Facades and Claddings
  • Garden Gates and Walls
  • Metal Screens for Oil and Water Tanks (industrial usage)
  • Backlit Features Enhancement
  • Privacy for Deck
  • Decorative Metal Fences for Interior Walls
  • Defining and Separating Outdoor Areas

Advantages of Decorative Metal Fences and Gates

Having metal gates and using decorative metal fences is important for any home since they provide many advantages and benefits for the facility. Here are some of the fundamental reasons why any homeowner should utilize these metal panels:

  • Outdoor privacy is the primary reason for having decorative metal fence panels and gates. Privacy screens are perfect for keeping out any unwelcome guests and maintaining security.
  • These gates and screens protect occupants from environmental elements during warm seasons, reducing the UV light and heat level.
  • Metal fencings offer ventilation and shade.
  • Decorative metal fencings and gates are stylish. Thus, they enhance the aesthetics of the garden or interior
  • When comparing decorative metal fences and wood fencings, the main difference is their maintenance requirements. Metal gates and screens, including steel, require lower maintenance since they are corrosion-resistant and robust materials.
  • Metal fences and gates are more affordable than complete fence systems and traditional brick walls.

Types of Privacy Screens and Metal Gates

It is time to introduce three of the most common metal fences and gates that designers and builders utilize for modern or cladding building designs.

Wrought Iron Decorative Fences and Gates

One of the most common decorative gates that architects and designers appreciate is the wrought iron gate. This type of product runs the gauntlet from plain and straightforward with understated styles to ornate designs with elegant twists and loops in various unique styles. Wrought iron decorative metal gates are generally tall, ranging from 122cmm to 183 cm. The vertical metal bars usually feature an 8cm to 13cm gap allowing people to look into the property. These types of decorative metal fences and gates are used as estate and driveway gates.

Traditional iron gates are painted in black color finishes. However, modern building owners and homeowners prefer to paint them in other noticeable and exciting colors. Current decorative metal fence panels, privacy screen companies, and manufacturers fashion these ornamented gates out of other low-maintenance metals such as galvanized steel and aluminum.

Picket Metal Gates

Another decorative metal gate system popular among designers is the white picket gate and metal fence. These metal building materials are made from horizontal posts with a vertical wooden slats body and are much shorter than the iron gates. The length of these gates often ranges from 31 to 61 cm. These decorative metal fences and gates are installed to create aesthetic entrances for gardens or yards, and due to their shorter height, they do not provide efficient privacy and security. It is common to see picket gates and metal fences on facilities that feature less ornate styles and designs since many people feel these fences add an old and traditional charm to homes.

Chain Link Decorative Metal Fences and Gates

Chain Link decorative metal fences and gates are generally used for sectioning off areas. This fencing system is simpler and standardized than other systems. Clients and homeowners can order rolls of Chain Link metal gates and fences from home improvement stores and cut them into their demanding length. These decorative gates have unique, stylish touch, resulting in the visual styling of iron metal gates and fences.