Privacy and security are what homeowners want to provide for their homes. However, no one wants to sacrifice their home’s attractive appearance for better privacy. So, what is the solution? A decorative metal fence is a perfect material for houses and buildings that require security with aesthetic characteristics.

Architects and builders have been using decorative metal fence panels with traditional materials and designs for a long time. But, since the architecture for current building designs requires more contemporary and modern elements, metal manufacturers started producing metal fences that are more durable and feature a stylish appearance. One of the metal fabrication methods that manufacturers use for decorative metal fence panels is laser cutting.

Decorative Metal Fence Panels: Applications, Advantages, Materials, Types, and Cost

Laser Cutting Methods for Decorative Metal Fence Fabrication

Decorative metal fence panels manufacturers utilize various laser cutting machines and methods to create beautiful fencing systems for your homes. Each method has a different approach, but the results are almost identical. Here are four laser cutting systems that metal fabricators use to provide aesthetic decorative metal fences.

  1. Vaporization Laser Cutting System
  2. Melt and Blow Method
  3. Thermal Stress Cracking with Laser Cut Machine
  4. Reactive Laser Cutting

Vaporization Laser Cutting System

One of the laser cutting methods used to produce decorative metal fence panels is vaporization. Vaporization laser cut machines heat the surface of the metal panel with high-energy beams until it reaches its flashpoint. When the metal surface gets the flashpoint, the laser beam creates a keyhole, increasing absorption by deepening the hole. With the hole deepened, the metal fence panel surface boils. Then the machine blows the ejecta out with vapor generation eroding to enlarge the gap and create the demanding patterns on the decorative metal fence.

Melt and Blow Method for Cutting Decorative Metal Fence Panels

This particular metal cutting method that is used for decorative metal fence panels utilizes high-pressure gas to blow and remove molten surfaces off the cutting zone. The melt and blow method is perfect for decreasing energy consumption.

Thermal Stress Cracking with Laser Cut Machine

Some of the materials and sheet metals that manufacturers use to produce decorative metal fences can have brittle characteristics. Thermal Stress Cracking with a laser cutting machine is the best choice for such materials. In this

Reactive Laser Cutting for Producing Decorative Metal Fence Panels

Reactive laser cutting is the most common method metal fabricators use to produce decorative metal fences. This method is also known as burning stabilized laser gas system or flame cutting.

Decorative metal fence panels with laser cutting
Laser Cutting is the Perfect Metal Fabrication Method

Advantages of Laser Cutting Machines for Producing Decorative Metal Fence Panels

There are many reasons why metal fabricators use laser cutting machines to produce decorative metal fence panels. Laser cutting systems provide various advantages for manufacturers, including:

  • High Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Versatility
  • Less Waste
  • No Need for Tool Replacement
  • No Wrapping or Other Damages
  • Energy Efficiency

Make sure to read about the advantages of laser cutting systems to understand why they are perfect for creating decorative metal fences.

Advantages of Laser Cutting

Decorative Metal Fence Panels Types and Materials

Metalworkers and manufacturers produce decorative metal fence panels with different materials depending on the design and requirements. The most common metal materials for fences are:

  • Aluminum
  • CORTEN Steel
  • Iron

Although each material has its unique benefits, CORTEN Steel and Aluminum are the trendiest metal for decorative fences.

CORTEN Decorative metal fence panels
CORTEN Steel Decorative Metal Fence Panels

Additionally, metal fences come in various types. However, five of them are the most common and popular among designers and architects:

  1. Garrison Decorative Metal Fence System
  2. Palisade Decorative Metal Fences
  3. Security Mesh Fence
  4. Picket Screens
  5. Chain-Link Metal Fences

Using Decorative Metal Fence Panels Will Make Your Home a Better Place

Decorative metal fence panels have various usages for your house. Due to their attractive appearance and functionality, you can use them for your garden’s privacy, cladding system, gates, water tank screens, backlit enhancement, deck privacy, outdoor areas separation, and interior wall designs. Using them will enhance your home in every aspect. Their advantages include:

  • Decorative Metal Fences are Privacy Material for Your Homes
  • Metal Fences will Protect You Against Exterior Elements
  • Decorative Panels Create Natural Air Ventilation and Shades
  • Decorative Metal Panels Will Enhance Your Home’s Appearance
  • Ornamental Metal Fence Panels Do Not Require Complex Maintenance
  • Metal Fences are Affordable
  • Installing Decorative Metal Fences is Easy