Decorative metal fence panels and privacy screens are one of the essential components of any modern home that provide aesthetics and harmony to a facility’s Garden or stairs. These metal building products are more increase the safety and privacy parameters of a home while providing a beautiful view for the exteriors of the facility. With this said, decorative metal fence panels are primarily used for protection and security purposes.

Decorative metal fence panels manufacturers produce these privacy screens from various materials, including aluminum panels, galvanized steel, wrought iron, CORTEN steel, etc. Each material and system have its unique characteristics and benefits. However, before buying new decorative metal fence panels for your gardens and stairs, it is essential to inspect these materials from different angles.

Decorative Metal Fence Panels History

Decorative metal fence panels usage goes back to ancient times. Only the wealthiest people could afford metal fences for their fine brick and stone mansions. By the early 1800s, the blacksmithing industry started growing locally, and artisans produced decorative metal panels from wrought iron to enhance the attractiveness of homes. However, ornamental metalwork became very popular during the Victorian era, in which foundries started the mass-production and casting process with more details and aesthetics.

Decorative metal fence panels in the modern era are produced to provide better durability and aesthetics with aluminum and CORTEN steel materials. Modern meta fences come with hollow pickets and can match solid stipes with lightweight characteristics that allow homeowners to install them more straightforwardly. Additionally, manufacturers upgrade classic iron fences with multistep powder coating to provide lower maintenance characteristics.

It is essential to know that modern manufacturers and metal suppliers rely on salvaged materials when it comes to restoration applications. Since decorative metal fences are recyclable, manufacturers can melt and reuse them to produce new decorative panels. Most factories dress up these privacy screens with machine-made scrolls and cast details. Moreover, they mix materials and different production systems with hollow pickets to decrease the fabrication costs. Modern suppliers also use laser cutting systems to create decorative metal fences with Victorian shapes and styles.

Decorative Metal Fence Panels Applications

Decorative metal fence panels and privacy screens are practical for different applications. They can be used for both interior and outdoor purposes since building contractors install them to add warmth to the interiors or a garden. The unique thing about these metal fences is that they are works of art, making them perfect for various practices, including:

  • Decorative Metal Fence Panels are Perfect Privacy Products for Gardens
  • Perforated Decorative Panels can be used for Building Claddings
  • Garden Privacy Walls and Gates
  • Beautiful Screens for Water and Oil tanks in the Garden
  • Enhancement for Backlit Features
  • Deck Privacy and Aesthetics
  • Interior Wall Designs and Styles
  • Outdoors Area Separation

Decorative Metal Fence Panels Materials

As told, manufacturers utilize various metal materials to produce decorative fence panels. However, there are three primary metal materials that most decorative metal fence panels are made from which are:

CORTEN Steel or Weathering Steel is a high-strength low-alloy steel that features improved atmospheric corrosion-resistant characteristics. Since this metal material is highly robust and requires lower maintenance than other steel forms, it has become one of the primary choices for decorative metal fence panels. The alloying elements of CORTEN steel panels naturally generate a stable rust layer that increases the corrosion resistance property of the metal fences. Instead of eroding and being damaged, the surface of the weathering steel oxidases and develops a protective coat, creating a unique and rustic look for the decorative panels.

Aluminum is another suitable metal material that manufacturers utilize to produce various construction materials, including decorative metal fences. Like CORTEN steel, aluminum does not corrode or rust over time. The shiny and mirror-like surface of this metal help designers to create attractive privacy screens that can last longer than traditional iron fences. Additionally, aluminum is a lightweight metal that provides an easy installation process and can decrease the labor cost for installing privacy screens. Most aluminum decorative panels can last longer than 20 years if maintained properly. Additionally, since aluminum is flexible metal material, manufacturers can produce metal fences with complex designs by using this material and simple fabrication methods.

Wrought iron is considered the traditional material for metal fences. Although this material is not used widely for modern designs, architects and designers utilize them in some current projects. The simple and classic wrought iron look with black paint can create an irreplaceable feeling. However, contractors can provide decorative iron fences with more trendy colors and finishes for homeowners who prefer a modern appearance. Manufacturers apply an extra protective layer since iron is susceptible to corrosion to enhance durability and lifespan.

Decorative Metal Fence Panel with CORTEN Steel
CORTEN Steel Decorative Metal Fence

Different Types of Decorative Metal Fences

Metal fence panels are available in various types and classes. Here are five of the most popular decorative metal fences that designers recommend for modern homes and gardens.

  • Garrison System
  • Palisade Fencing
  • Security Mesh Fencing
  • Picket Metal Gates
  • Chain Link Metal Fences

Garrison Metal Fence System

Garrison metal fence system is a high-end protection paneling system that is made from heavy-duty steel or CORTEN steel. This decorative fence features a robust structure with spearheads and is considered the best metal fence for privacy and security. Manufacturers finish Garrison metal fences with various colors. Additionally, these privacy products offer good visibility for homeowners. Moreover, the extreme durability of Garrison systems makes them low-maintenance systems for privacy purposes.

Palisade Decorative Metal Fence

Palisade decorative metal fences are the best choice for industrial facilities. These metal panels are also made from steel and are less expensive than other systems. The installation process of these systems is easy and follows the ground’s contours, ensuring that no gaps appear under the assignment. Additionally, they do not need regular maintenance can cutting them is almost impossible, meaning that they are perfect for safety and privacy.

Security Mesh Metal Fences

Security mesh metal fences are other standard systems that can protect industrial facilities such as airports, commercial buildings, sports stadiums, etc. Since they are made from anti-corrosion materials, they can last long without any damages in harsh weather conditions. Additionally, Security mesh systems are perfect for large-scale projects since they are affordable.

Picket Privacy Screens

Picket privacy screens feature horizontal posts that have vertical wooden slats. These decorative metal fences are shorter than traditional gates and are perfect for garden entrances. However, they do not provide high-level security and privacy.

Chain-Link Decorative Metal Fence Panels

When it comes to separating a garden into different portions, Chain Link decorative metal fence panels are the best choice. These metal fence systems are simpler than other privacy screens and feature unique style touch. For homeowners who want to create beautiful and functional gardens for gatherings, Chain-link is a must-have.

Advantages of Decorative Metal Fences

It is essential to have decorative metal fence panels in gardens and the interiors of any home since they offer various advantages and benefits for occupants and homeowners. Here is the list of privacy screens primary advantages that you should know:

  • Decorative metal fences are the perfect construction materials to create privacy and keep any unwelcome guests out.
  • Metal fences can protect guests and occupants from exterior elements such as sunlight during warm seasons by reducing the UV light and balancing the area’s temperature.
  • Creating ventilation and shades is easy with decorative metal panels.
  • Metal decorative panels and gates are stylish and can enhance the aesthetics of a home.
  • When it comes to maintenance, ornamental metal fences are better than wood fences since they are anti-corrosion and require lower maintenance.
  • Metal panels are more affordable than traditional fence systems that were made from bricks and wood.
  • Installing Decorative Metal Fence Panels is Easy
  • Decorative Metal Fence and Privacy Screen
    Modern and Beautiful Decorative Metal Fence and Privacy Screen

Decorative Metal Fence Panels Cost

Generally, decorative metal fence panels’ cost will primarily depend on the material homeowners choose and their amount. Labor costs can also play an essential role. The material amount will depend on the overall design’s width and length. However, in the bigger picture, metal fences will cost homeowners less in the long term than traditional wood fences. Additionally, high-quality metal fence panels will not require additional protection, and they will serve their purpose without requiring any replacement or repair, making them cost-effective privacy screens.

Maintenance Requirements

Although modern decorative metal fences do not require complex and regular maintenance, it is better to clean these materials to maintain their beauty and aesthetics. For example, aluminum metal fences are durable and resistant to mold and termites, and cleaning them can be done by only utilizing simple washing equipment and water. On the other hand, traditional wood fences can warp and get damaged due to sunlight and rainwater exposure.