Comparison of ALUBOND FR A2 and ALPOLIC®/fr Fire Resistant ACM Panels

Comparison of ALPOLIC®/fr and ALUBOND FR A2 Fire Resistant ACM Panels

Alubond FR A2 compared to Alpolicfr ACM Panel

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) panels are essential in modern construction due to their adaptability and durability. This post compares two leading brands, Alubond and Alpolic, offering distinct advantages for diverse construction needs.

PropertyStandard/UnitAlubond 3mmAlubond 4mmAlubond 5mmAlubond 6mmAlpolic 3mmAlpolic 4mmAlpolic 6mm
Thickness (mm)3456346
Weight (Kg/m2)6.281011.64.545.477.32
Sound Transmission Loss (dB)ASTM E413, ASTM E902626252626
Fire PerformanceReaction to Fire/Flame SpreadClass AClass AClass AClass APassPassPass
Thermal Conductivity (W/m.k)0.14160.2199
Flexural Rigidity (kNmm2/mm)ASTM C 393110203285395
Tensile Strength (MPa or N/mm2)ASTM E856433629
0.2% Proof Stress (MPa)ASTM E847413426
Elongation (%)ASTM E84.83.83.82
Flexural Elasticity, E (GPa)ASTM C 3934538.532.530
Thermal Resistance (M2 K/W)0.0310.070
Linear Thermal Expansion (mm/m @ 100°C)EN 1999 1-1
Deflection Temperature (°C)ASTM D 648
Temperature Resistance (°C)
Reaction to FireEN 13501-1A2, S1, d0A2, S1, d0A2, S1, d0A2, S1, d0
Self Ignition Temp (°C)ASTM D 1929≥ 343≥ 343≥ 343≥ 343

Not all parameters could be directly compared with Alpolic as some specific measurements are not available in the Alpolic technical specifications document.

4 Reasons Why Fire Spreads In a Typical LDPE Core ACP Cladded Building

4 Reasons Why Fire Spreads In a Typical LDPE Core ACP Cladded Building

LDPE core ACP cladding

  1. Ignition of Foam Backer Rod and Polyethylene Sealant: The foam backer rod and polyethylene sealant are among the first ignited materials. The fire can quickly spread through the continuous sealant and backer rod. The presence of bitumen paint, which is highly flammable, can accelerate this process.
  2. Cavity and Lack of Barrier: The sealed façade creates a cavity that lacks adequate fire-stopping measures, such as cavity barriers. This configuration can act like a chimney or a tunnel, enabling the fire to spread rapidly upward through the building.
  3. Melting of LDPE Core and Aluminum Skin: The LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) core of the aluminum composite panel melts at high temperatures, and the molten droplets can fall and spread the fire further. The aluminum skin also melts, contributing to the spread of fire.
  4. Fire Spread Aided by External Factors: The fire can spread from the back and the front of the façade, driven by external winds and architectural cavities. This spread is further fueled by the droplets of molten LDPE and debris from burning panels, which can ignite other flammable materials nearby.



Comparison of ALPOLIC®/fr and ALUCOBOND® PLUS ACM Panels

Alpolic fr compared to Alubond ACM Panel

ALPOLIC®/fr and Alucobond Plus ACM panels offer robust solutions for architectural needs with fire-resistant properties. While both products are coated with high-quality, durable finishes, ALPOLIC®/fr uses a Lumiflon® FEVE resin coating for a wide range of colors and glosses, and Alucobond Plus uses PVDF or FEVE coatings conforming to high standards for environmental friendliness and weather resistance. Alucobond Plus, with its 5005 marine grade alloy, is particularly noted for its suitability in projects close to water​.

FeatureALPOLIC®/frAlucobond Plus
Core MaterialMineral-filled thermoplastic coreMineral-filled fire-resistant core
Thickness Options (mm)3, 4, 6mm3mm/4mm/6mm
Aluminium Skin Thickness0.5mm (both sides)0.5mm (both sides)
AlloyNot specifiedAlMg1 NS41 (EN AW 5005A equivalent)
FinishFluorocarbon paint finish; Solid, Metallic, Sparkling, PatternsFluoropolymer (PVDF or FEVE) coating
Fire RatingPasses most countries’ fire-safety codesEN 13501-1 class B-s1,d0
ApplicationsExterior and interiorSuitable for buildings over 18m, diverse applications
Additional FeaturesLightweight, rigid, flat, die coater for uniform coating, variety of finishesWeather-resistant, eco-friendly coatings, fully recyclable, wide range of finishes

Comparison of ALPOLIC®/fr and ALPOLIC™ A2 ACM Panels

Comparison of ALPOLIC®/fr and ALPOLIC™ A2 ACM Panels

Alpolic fr compared to Alpolic A2 ACM Panel

Both ALPOLIC®/fr and ALPOLIC™ A2 ACM panels offer fire-resistant capabilities, but the ALPOLIC™ A2 is specifically highlighted for its non-combustibility and suitability for high fire safety requirements.
The ALPOLIC®/fr ACM panel provides a broader range of finish options and customization in terms of dimensions.
ALPOLIC™ A2’s include a classification for the highest fire safety standards and the ability to supply up to a width of 2m.

Core MaterialMineral-filled thermoplastic coreNon-combustible mineral polymer core
ThicknessStandard 4mm; custom thickness availableStandard 4mm
Finish OptionsWide range including metallic, mica, prismatic, multi-color, stone and timber effects, decorative metals, and moreSolid Colors, Metallic Colors, Sparkling Colors, Prismatic Colors, and Patterns
Fire RatingFire-resistant, IBC-listed for compliance with many fire codes worldwideClassified for fire class A2 – s1, d0; non-combustible
ApplicationsExterior fire-resistant cladding, interior panels, architectural claddingExterior and interior cladding, roof covering, especially suitable for high fire safety requirements
CertificationsIBC-listedMeets requirements of fire class A2 – s1, d0 according to EN 13823, EN ISO 1716, EN 13501-1
SustainabilityInformation not specifiedInformation not specified
Panel DimensionsWidths of 1,270mm (50″) and (1,575mm) 62″; lengths of 3,708mm (146″) and 4,980 (196″); custom sizes availableWidth up to 2m; length max. 7,300mm
CoatingsFluorocarbon (LUMIFLON® FEVE resin)LUMIFLON™ or DURAGLOSS® 5000 coatings for color stability and resistance to environmental factors

The 2024 List of Top 5 Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Manufacturers in Canada

The 2024 List of Top 5 Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Manufacturers in Canada

Top ACM Panel Manufacturers in U.S. and Canada

The demand for high-quality, innovative materials remains constant in the ever-evolving landscape of construction and architecture. Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) has become the preferred choice for architects, builders, and developers due to its versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal, offering endless design possibilities.

The 2024 list of the Top 5 ACM Manufacturers

Our 2024 list of the Top 5 ACM Manufacturers in Canada showcases the companies setting the standards for quality, innovation, and environmental stewardship. These manufacturers offer a wide array of color and finish options and cutting-edge fire-resistant panels, shaping the future of architectural facades.

  • 3A Composites (ALUCOBOND)


Alubond is the world’s largest brand for Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) and Metal Composite Material (MCM), with facilities in five countries. Alubond manufactures high-quality, fire-rated metal panels, including Solid Aluminum, FR-A1 Mineral Core, FR-A2 Mineral Core, FR Euroclass B, and other panels with a variety of metal skins, such as Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Bronze, and Titanium.

Alubond’s extensive product line stands out for its unique features, including fire-rated aluminum composite panels, exotic finishes, corporate identity solutions, and façade systems. These offerings set Alubond apart in the market.
Alubond’s commitment meets international standards in its product offerings, which conform to rigorous quality specifications. Its project portfolio spans various applications, including high-rise towers, sports and recreation facilities, hotels, residential and commercial buildings, airports, and gas stations.


ALPOLIC® Materials, a division of Mitsubishi Chemical America, is a leader in metal composite material manufacturing. Focusing on metal composite materials (MCM) or aluminum composite materials (ACM) tailored for architectural applications, ALPOLIC® has more than four decades of industry experience.

The company signals its commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer support. Their products, known for quality, include a wide range of colors and finishes. ALPOLIC® Materials are made with up to 50% recycled materials in Chesapeake, VA, and are recognized for inspiring new aesthetics and design possibilities.

3A Composites

3A Composites is known for its Alucobond® and Dibond® aluminum composite materials . These products offer flatness, formability, durability, and ease of fabrication. Alucobond® ACM is available in thicknesses from 3mm to 6mm and a wide range of colors. This material is ideal for creating functional yet aesthetically pleasing walls, ceilings, and furniture and is versatile enough for use in transport and specialty vehicles.

Dibond® consists of two .012″ aluminum sheets bonded to a polyethylene core, providing a lightweight, durable, and versatile solution for various design needs. This material is particularly suitable for modern residential furniture, interior designs requiring radius features, and applications needing sound suppression or sleek surfaces.


Alcotex® has been an Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) cladding manufacturer since 2001. Beyond its flagship Reynobond® Composite Material, the company offers specialized products like 3mm Pre-Painted Bonded Sheets and Pre-Painted Aluminum Sheets. Their products are designed to provide performance and protection while ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.
Alcotex® offers various colors and finishes, including solid colors, mica, metallic, and woodgrain textures. Alcotex® focuses on products that offer aesthetic appeal and practical benefits like UV resistance, weather resistance, and ease of fabrication.


Alfrex manufactures fire-resistant aluminum and metal composite materials in the USA.

Alfrex is best known for its Alfrex FR metal composite material, which combines the strength of aluminum with the fire resistance of mineral-filled core material.

In addition, Alfrex offers a range of other products, including Alfrex aluminum plates, which are widely used in architectural facades, roofs, and canopies. Alfrex’s 3mm thick pre-painted plates are another popular choice, offering superior color consistency and weather resistance.

In conclusion, this blog highlights the pivotal role of top Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) manufacturers in 2024. These industry leaders are setting new standards in sustainability and innovation, significantly influencing architectural designs. Their contributions are crucial for advancing construction materials technology, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right manufacturer for quality, durability, and environmental considerations in architectural projects.