Ornamental metal fence panels or decorative metal fence panels are one of the crucial construction materials that architects have utilized since ancient times. Metal fences are created to provide aesthetics and protection for your homes.

A decorative metal fence is a product that will increase your home’s safety and privacy parameters while creating a stunning and attractive view for the exteriors or your garden.

Metal fabricators produce ornamental metal fence panels from various materials, including aluminum, steel, CORTEN steel, galvanized steel, wrought iron, copper, etc.

Each ornamental metal fence has its unique characteristics and advantages. So, you should have basic information about each material and type if you want to choose the most suitable one for your home.

Best Applications for Ornamental Metal Fence Panels

You can use ornamental metal fence panels and any decorative privacy screens for various applications in your house. The best thing about these metal building materials is that they are practical for exterior and interior projects.

One of the unique things about both traditional and modern ornamental metal fence panels is that they are works of art, making them the ideal option for architectural projects, whether residential or commercial.

Whether you choose a modern decorative metal fence or a classic fence for your home, here are the most common applications you can use your products to complete:

  • Create a safe and beautiful garden with a decorative metal fence.
  • You can use ornamental metal fence panels on your cladding system.
  • Ornamental fences are perfect for your home’s gate system.
  • Create an attractive look for oil or water tanks in your garden with decorative panels.
  • Ornamental metal panels are ideal for backlit features enhancements.
  • Decorative metal panels can provide privacy and aesthetics for your home’s deck.
  • You can use decorative metal panels in your interior to create a unique design for your home.
  • If you need to organize your outdoor areas with specific separations, ornamental metal fence panels are the best choice.
decorative and ornamental metal fences
Beautiful Ornamental Metal Fence for Garden Safety

Best Materials for Ornamental Metal Panels

Canada’s best metal fabricators and construction materials suppliers offer decorative and ornamental metal fence panels with various materials. The primary metal materials for these fencing systems are:

Aluminum Decorative Metal Fence Panels

Aluminum is one of the most found metal materials in the construction industry. This metal material offers various advantages making it one of the best materials for ornamental metal fence panels.

Aluminum decorative metal fence panels are water-proof, fire-proof, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and lightweight materials. Installing decorative aluminum fences is more straightforward than other materials since it is a light system.

Ornamental Metal Fence Panels with CORTEN Steel

If you live in a location with a higher humidity level, you should opt for materials that have corrosion-resistant characteristics. CORTEN Steel, or Weathering Steel, is durable, High-strength, low alloy steel that is corrosion resistant.

CORTEN steel is famous metal material since it does not require regular maintenance and can last for long. Ornamental metal fence panels made from CORTEN steel naturally form a stable rust layer that increases the material’s durability and corrosion resistance characteristics.

The oxidized surface of weathering steel develops a protective layer while creating a stunning appearance for your decorative metal fences.

Metal Fences with Wrought Iron

If you are obsessed with classic and traditional designs, the best choice of ornamental metal fence panels for your house is wrought iron. This classic metal material with a black paint finish creates an irreplaceable feel and style for your home.

However, it is essential to know that current metal product suppliers also provide decorative metal fence panels with wrought iron featuring trendy and modern colors or finishes for homeowners who prefer contemporary designs.

Ornamental Metal Fences with Copper

Copper is also a durable and long-lasting metal material that manufacturers use to produce decorative and ornamental metal fences for your homes.

The unique thing about copper decorative fences is that they form a greenish layer on their surface when exposed to humidity. This characteristic of copper makes it one of the most used materials in modern architectural applications, including fencings and privacy screens.

Galvanized Steel Metal Fences

Galvanized steel is a beneficial construction material that is perfect for producing decorative metal fences. Like CORTEN and Aluminum, galvanized steel panels are anti-corrosion, durable, and have an initial lower cost.

The most significant thing about galvanized steel metal fences is that you can apply various finishes and textures to create your custom design.

Best Types of Decorative Metal Fences

Decorative metal fence panels come in various classes and types. The best types of ornamental metal fence panels are:

  • Palisade Metal Fencing
  • Picket Metal Gates and Fences
  • Garrison Privacy System
  • Chain Link Metal Fencing
  • Decorative Metal Fence Panels with Security Mesh

If you want to learn and know more about these systems, read our article about different types of decorative metal fences.


Now that you know the best ornamental metal fence panels, you should consider your preference and taste to choose the most suitable one for your home. If you still cannot decide which one will be the best for, contact POFELEZ and our experts will help you.