Decorative metal fences and privacy screens are inseparable components of any house or commercial facility. With decorative fences, you make your facility a safer and more beautiful place for living. You can use these essential components for various purposes, such as gardens, entrances, and even windows. Privacy screens and metal fences are made with various materials. Two of the most common fencing materials are Aluminum and Wrought Iron Metal Fence. Now, which one is better for you? Are there any differences? Yes, there are, and you will know all of them in this article.

Wrought Iron Metal Fence Facts

Ornamental metal fences that are made from wrought iron are heavy metal fencing materials that are made up of gauge square tubing for their vertical pickets and feature punched channels on their horizontal rails.

If you are obsessed with traditional style and heavy-duty metal fences, wrought iron fences are the best for you. This strong fencing is excellent for facilities that require high-security settings, and it is perfect to be installed if you expect much wear.

Decorative metal fences that are made from wrought iron are stunning. These fencings are available in different sizes. However, they are typically wider than other materials, including aluminum composite decorative fences.

Wrought iron fencings typically come in a black powder coating and finish, and they require a bit of maintenance. The only drawback is that these metal fences will eventually rust over the years due to the outside environment exposure.

Advantages of Wrought Iron Metal Fence (h3)

  • Wrought iron decorative metal fences are perfect for facilities that require high-security levels.
  • Wrought iron ornamental fences are very sturdy and can last long.
  • Manufacturers can forge wrought iron easily and make beautiful decorative metal fences.
  • Wrought iron fencings can be used for various applications and usages.
  • Wrought iron fences work best when installed on flat terrain.
  • Iron metal fences can be ordered in various sizes.
  • Wrought iron metal fencing is perfect for extensive gardens.
  • You can create a classic or modern appearance for your home with wrought iron decorative fences.
  • This metal fencing does not require complex maintenance.

Aluminum Metal Fence Facts

Aluminum fences are available in multiple grades allowing you to choose the suitable metal fence for your home among several fencing grades. It would be best to select the rate equivalent to your security needs. Higher grade aluminum metal fences are better for facilities that require security.

Most aluminum decorative metal fences that are used for residential facilities come with standard vertical pickets and horizontal rails sizes. So, you can use these decorative metal fences in particular applications. However, another aluminum fencing is made from an aluminum composite panel, which manufacturers produce in various sizes and can be used for almost every application in your home. Additionally, depending on your home’s security requirements, you can order aluminum fences with custom heights.

Aluminum metal fences are lightweight, and installing them is more accessible than wrought iron fences. These decorative metal fencings come with a powder-coated finish, and they do not rust, crack, chip, or even peel. However, most suppliers offer aluminum fencing with a limited lifetime warranty.

Benefits of Aluminum Metal Fences

  • Aluminum metal fences offer an easier installation process compared to other decorative metal fencings.
  • With a bit of experience and skillset, you can install them with a DIY approach.
  • Aluminum metal fencing provides the beauty of wrought iron metal fences while also offering lower costs.
  • If you want your home’s fencing to be completely customized, aluminum fences are the best choice.
  • Most manufacturers and suppliers provide aluminum metal fences with various color and texture options. With these options, you can create a garden fence that will add greater visual appeal.
  • One of the most significant benefits of aluminum metal fences is that repairing them is extremely easy.
  • You can easily replace aluminum metal fences since they are lightweight.
  • Since aluminum is a flexible metal, manufacturers can use different metal fabrication methods to create the most beautiful fencings.
  • The best advantage of aluminum fences that makes them one of the most wanted materials in the construction industry is maintenance-free.

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