The aluminum composite panel is a modern construction material that you can find in most the current buildings. Architects utilize these valuable materials for various purposes, including cladding systems, interior designs, fencings, gates, etc. In this article, you will learn everything about aluminum composite fencing, including its pros and cons.

What is a Metal Fence?

Adding metal fences or privacy screens to your backyard or front yard can change your facility in various ways. They will increase the security and privacy of your facility and improve your home’s aesthetics.

If you want your home to look beautiful while safe, you should buy a decorative metal fence that is perfect for this purpose. Modern manufacturers create aluminum composite fencing that is suitable for decorative purposes.

Note: Decorative metal fence panels applications are not limited to just garden safety. Learn more details about these essential components in the link below:

Everything About Decorative Metal Fence Panels

Pros of Aluminum Composite Fencing

The advantages of aluminum composite fencing outweigh its cons. So, generally, using aluminum composite fences for your homes is recommended. However, if you know their primary benefits, you will be sure about your choice for your decorative metal fences.

Aluminum Composite Fencing is Very Durable

When it comes to durability, aluminum composite panels are number one in the market. So, aluminum composite fencing is also durable and can last long.

This metal fencing offers terrific durability. High-quality aluminum fences last more than 30 years. Additionally, you can order composite fences that are combined with wood and plastic that possess extra rigidity.

It is Easy To Maintain Aluminum Fencing

The best characteristic of aluminum composite fencing is that it requires little maintenance than other metal fences. ACM is not prone to corrosion and rotting. Meaning that you do not need to apply any additional glazes, finishes, or coatings.

Aluminum metal fences are also resistant to insects. With these modern metal fencings, you do not need to worry about insects eating your bars.

Note: If you want to clean your aluminum composite fencing, you should occasionally power-wash it with water.

Decorative Metal Fences with Aluminum are Aesthetically Pleasing

If you want to create a modern appearance for your homes while providing security, aluminum is the best choice for decorative metal fences. With aluminum composite fencing, you can create beautiful, minimal, and contemporary exterior designs for the facility.

Additionally, with the combination of wood, you will have the beauty of natural timber while benefiting from the durability of aluminum fences.

It is Easy to Install Aluminum Composite Fencing

Since aluminum composite materials are lightweight, installing them is more straightforward than other materials such as steel.

This characteristic of aluminum composite fencing will help you complete the installation in a shorter period.

Fabricating Aluminum Panels is Easy

Metal fabricators can utilize various fabrication systems to produce aluminum composite fencing since they are flexible materials.

Two of the methods that can be used for producing decorative metal fences are:

Cons of Aluminum Composite Fencing

Although aluminum composite fencing is advantageous material for garden safety and aesthetics, it has its drawbacks. Here are the primary disadvantages of aluminum fences:

Aluminum Composite Fencing is On the Expensive Side

Since aluminum composite is three-layered metal material, it can be more expensive than other metal fences. Although it is not as expensive as materials such as iron, it is more costly than vinyl, CORTEN steel, and chain link.

However, since aluminum composite fencing does not require regular maintenance, it can decrease your money expenditure over time.

Some Aluminum Fencings Tend to Fade

Some aluminum fencings may lose their aesthetic over time, especially if they sport a dark shade of gray, brown, or black. The problem is that when the color starts fading, you will either have to replace the fences with new ones or repaint them. Either way, it can cause you extra costs.

Other Materials for Metal Fencing

Although aluminum composite fencing is considered the best decorative metal fence material, other materials can be used for producing ornamental metal fences.

The metal materials are:

Each material offers its unique benefits while also having drawbacks. If you need more information about decorative metal fences and their options, contact Profelez. Our friendly support will help you decide the best material for your home’s fencing and privacy screens.