Cassette paneling system is a hook-on metal cladding method which is widely utilized for both interior and exterior projects. This product is having outstanding versatility and can be installed in multiple directions onto a variety of substrates such as concrete, plywood and even glass. This techy and modern looking cladding is appropriate for horizontal and vertical constructions from low height to high-rise buildings for renovation and novel applications and projects. Cassette panels are typically fixed and bent by utilized clips and top hats to a metal frame such as aluminum, which has high level security due to having load bearing structure. This system is considered as open jointed product and is almost like rain screen system, which means they can have ventilated airspace after being installed.

Cassettes which are applied to façade section, are created from the development of components which are used in vast areas and they are produced for cost-effective and fast pace assembly process. These paneling system contains sheet metal which reduces the cost alternative to any composite cladding material. In addition, unlike pure sheet metal cladding method, this system has the ability of not having need for silicon or caulking during the project. The patented mounting system helps the panels to snap into a specific area which often moves from top to bottom very quickly and easily. For having additional features, trims and pre-fabricated flashes are approvable and it can fit onto any demanding channel.

Cassette panels cladding allow designers to have variety of innovative façade solutions with which they can create modern and flat appearance. They design the building in a way to provide suitable substrates for installing the panels on them and as a result generate a technological and futuristic characteristic which is perfect for commercial buildings and administrative facilities. This paneling method is typically specified for designs which require longer lengths or wider widths in comparison to other paneling systems.

Horizontal and Vertical Cassette Panels System

Horizontal and vertical cassette panels systems are defined from their mounting and installing direction which are respectively from top to bottom and from right or left or vice versa. These panels are indirectly bonded in hidden areas. This ability allows the designer or architect the required freedom to create different stylistic aspects when it comes to using cassette system. These products are often produced in a way to have 25 millimeters of depth and a specified shadow space with 20 millimeters diameter. Shadow gap values are mirrored with a rail, which is suitable for fastening and is considered as an important part of forming the system. These panels are especially appropriate for external claddings which need length of up to 3.000 millimeters. In addition, façade grids will be chosen and installed depending on the taste, need and demand of customers.

Installation System of Cassette Panels

Installation system of cassette panels demands to have predefined positions of the elements which are going to be utilized in the structure’s frame-work. During frame-work procedure, exact measurement which includes width and center to center height and amount of panels which should be utilized must be defined. In general, cassette panels contain an upstand at the one end which is attached and fixed to the framework with clips and the other end has another up-stand which locates into the clips on the previous surface. Slotting is required for panels which exceed 1.5 meter in length due to need of expansion tolerance. Clips which are utilize for fixing the products need to be designed and tested in a way to have compatibility with the performance basis of the project and the specific application. These fixing materials are dual functional. These two functions are about ensuring the lift up resistance and providing free space for expansion to the cladding and the panels.

Advantages and Benefits of Cassette Panels Systems

Cassette panels bring dozens of benefits to building owners. Thus they have become more and more popular by the time. Followings are few of the many advantages which these panels provide.

Elegant Appearance

Cassette panels systems are popular among designer due to their smooth and flat finish which allows them to create aesthetic external appearance for the construction. They have glossy and sleek surface which make them perfect for elegant looking modern buildings.

Stability and Safety

These systems require heavy gauge materials such as aluminum clips to have an overall structural stability. In addition, interlocking method which is installing solid panel directly on to a galvanized top hat and fixed firmly, increases the safety of the building. These material are also fire proof, which is considered as an advantage for safety standards.


Another important advantage of cassette panels is their water proof ability without having additional sealants or mastics. This prevents the water from entering the wall structure by allowing it to flow on the material. They are also produced with robust systems, which can have 50-100 years of lifetime. Thus they can stay functional and healthy with minimal maintenance procedure.

Affordability and Economically Friendly

These panels are hundred percent recyclable material and due to its purity, it creates minimum waste of metal material. This makes them more affordable and economically friendly which is a very important factor when it comes to building a facility or renovating it.