Building contractors and architects in Canada utilize different construction materials for their client’s projects. Every building consists of a wide array of materials and systems. The building cladding system is one of the essential components of every facility, which protects the structure from exterior elements while providing structural stability. Current construction requirements push architects to opt for modern metal cladding systems that are durable and functional. One of the most common metal building systems is Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP). The advantages of the aluminum composite panel are what made this building material popular among contractors, builders, and architects.

What is an ACM panel or Aluminum Composite Panel?

Before getting to the advantages of aluminum composite panel, it is essential to know what aluminum composite panels and ACM panels are. Like other industrial composite materials, ACP is made up of three thin layers. This material consists of two aluminum sheets that are attached to a fire retardant core substance. The core material varies according to the customer’s demand and the project’s requirements since the ACM panels have different fire-resistant properties. For instance, the core substance can be a honeycomb filling or a solid mineral. At the same time, the standard aluminum composite panel features polyethylene or combustible substances, which is not recommended for modern buildings in industrial cities such as Toronto.

The core material’s combustibility has made different issues for the building industry. Thus, ACM panels manufacturers and suppliers decided to change the core substance to provide safety for exterior cladding systems. The advantages of the aluminum composite panel make it practical for projects where the application demands a mix of high structural materials. As a result, building material suppliers produce ACP with different yet high-quality core substances to allow architects and builders to create a safe facility for clients. Due to the best properties of aluminum composite panels, many companies and manufacturers worldwide have invested in the production process. Reliable world statistics have estimated that more than two hundred manufacturers and industrial companies are active in the ACM panels cladding industry, and the number is still growing day by day.

Primary Advantages of Aluminum Composite Panel that Make them Popular

The primary advantages of aluminum composite panel made other cladding materials not so significant in the building industry. Moreover, traditional and old cladding systems were not environmentally friendly, and they were susceptible to damage. Thus, architects and builders started using metal wall cladding systems for their projects. However, most clients prefer to know what advantages made ACM panels so significant in the construction industry. Here is the list of primary benefits of the aluminum composite panel that made them famous among architects.

Lightweight Building Claddings

One of the advantages of aluminum composite panels is their lightweight characteristics, making them the ideal building cladding material for modern facilities. The installation procedure of aluminum composite panels is straightforward due to the lightweight characteristics of these products, resulting in money and time-saving. Additionally, compared to traditional cladding materials, including wood and brick, ACM panels are the lightest.

High-Quality Surface

ACM panels suppliers and manufacturers apply special coatings with different substances such as fluorocarbon and polyester to provide a modern and sleek appearance. These coatings allow architects to create limitless designs with extreme durability.

High-Durability Level

One of the essential advantages of aluminum composite panel over other traditional cladding systems is its high durability. Every building material should last long to be considered an investment, and ACM panels manufacturers are aware of that. Thus, by combining aluminum with zinc, copper, and magnesium, the ACP becomes stable and durable for building claddings. This particular benefit of aluminum claddings shows up in advertisement billboards where durability is the priority.

Fire-Resistant Building Materials is Among the Primary Advantages of Aluminum Composite Panel

Today’s building and construction regulations and codes require various factors to allow contractors to start the project. Safety and fire-resistant characteristics for building claddings are some of the essential elements that aluminum composite claddings provide. Modern ACM panels and aluminum composite panels consist of FR core making them resistant to fire. Therefore, even if there is a fire coincidence, these cladding materials will not spread the fire to the other areas of the facility.

Sound Insulation Property

Sound pollution has become an issue in crowded and industrial cities. Thus, the building should feature cladding systems that insulate the sound to provide calm and comfortable interiors. Aluminum composite panels are the best choice when it comes to noise reduction. One of the advantages of aluminum composite panel and ACM panel is that they can provide comfortable interiors for occupants.

Thickness and Gauge Variety

Another one of the advantages of aluminum composite panel or ACP material is that it is available in different thicknesses and gauges. Their thickness grade can vary depending on the client’s project requirements. Generally, ACM panels thickness varies from 3 to 6 mm. However, the best gauge for building cladding purposes is about 4 mm.

Flexibility and Versatility are Essential Advantages of Aluminum Composite Panel

The aluminum cladding systems are famous for their versatility in installation and fabrication. Since aluminum is considered soft among metal materials, manufacturers can produce ACM panels ins curve, rectangular, circle, etc., allowing architects to create masterpieces.

Aluminum Composite Panel Cost

Metal cladding systems that are appreciated by contractors and architects come with different prices. Aluminum composite panel cost depends on the style, size and the project’s scale. However, using aluminum composite panel for exterior applications can add value to the facility. Thus, despite their cost, investing in ACM panels is recommended for new buildings or factilities that require renovation.