Aluminum cladding systems are construction materials that today’s architects use to create functional and beautiful residential and commercial metal buildings. One of the metal claddings that you may hear of is the ACM panel. Aluminum composite materials or ACM panels are modern and contemporary cladding systems that you can see on current homes or business buildings. Most architects use aluminum composite panels in Canada for outdoor advertisements, building facades, and interior designing. These metal panels will help you create unique designs featuring complex shapes such as arcs since it is easy to fabricate them in your demanding form.

You may wonder why ACM panels are becoming the number one metal cladding material worldwide. It is simple. Since aluminum composite panels are durable, impact-resistant, stiff, and beautiful metal panels that can withstand the worst weather conditions, they are recommended for your building facades. The good news is that you can also use them for your business or home interiors to create an extraordinary place for you, guests, or workers. This article will help you use these metal panels more efficiently in terms of ideas, applications, installation process, and benefits.

ACM Panels Ideas and Applications for Building Interiors

Most interior designers choose ACM panels for interior column decoration, kitchen counters, and room ceilings. Additionally, some may use them for making modern furniture, including sleek cabinets, tables, work surfaces, chairs, and shelves. Thanks to aluminum composite panel manufacturers, these metal panels are produced with attractive finishes such as mirror-like, glossy, matt, wood, and limitless color choices. They can help designers add aesthetic elements to your kitchens, bathroom, or other areas. Generally, most of the current heating hoods in our kitchen are made from ACM panels. Additionally, Canadian investors, homeowners, and business owners invest more in aluminum composite materials for interior designing projects to attain inspirational style.

Another metal product you can use to create a beautiful design for your house is a decorative metal fence. Read all about the decorative metal fence.

modern acm panels
ACM Panels for Cladding Application

Benefits and Advantages of an Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum composite panels and ACM benefits make them perfect for interior and exterior applications. If you choose them for your next project, you can expect to have a more stable and beautiful interior and exterior designs for your home. Although they have limitless technical advantages over other metal panels, here are some practical benefits of ACM panels that you should know before buying your construction materials.

  • You Can Paint ACM Panels Easily
  • You Don’t Have to Put A Lot Of Effort or Spend a Lot of Time On Cleaning ACP
  • Cutting ACM Panels is Very Easy
  • Almost All Aluminum Composite Panels are Lightweight
  • ACM Panels Installation Process is Straightforward
  • Buying Composite Panels is Considered Investment
  • Your ACP Materials Will Last More Than You Imagine
  • Fire-Rated ACM Panels Follow Safety Codes
  • Your Building’s Architect Can Create Any Design You Desire With ACM Panels
  • ACM Panels are Water Proof
  • You Will Not Have To Worry About Corrosion With Aluminum Composite Panels

Whether you use an aluminum composite panel for interiors or exteriors, you won’t need to waste your time cleaning and to maintain them. ACM panel does not absorb dust or dirt, and even if it does, you can clean it with simple water rinsing without being worried about rusting or corroding.

Although ACM panels can be more expensive than other metal panels, using them for interior designing can save you money. Additionally, ACP material features a fire-resistant core, which is a non-toxic substance. So, you can always feel safe in your homes without worrying about fire problems. Moreover, if you want to have robust kitchen countertops to put heavy equipment on them, ACM panels are the best choice since they can withstand pressure and other impacts without getting deformed or damaged.

Since aluminum is a flexible metal material, fabricating ACM panels to your custom demands is easy for manufacturers. So, you can have unique columns, balconies, arches, and other architectural elements in your interiors with aluminum composite panels. However, the most significant benefit of ACM panels that makes them the perfect material for modern interior designs is their easy installation process which we will discuss next.

ACM Panels Installation

The aluminum composite panel installation process is more straightforward than other metal or wood panels. You can install them right after purchasing them with a simple DIY procedure. Follow the steps precisely, and you will be fulfilled with your interior ACM Panels.

  1. Check for a dry and flat bottom surface of your wall trim.
  2. You can prevent the decorative component from cracking and deformation by using multi-layer panels when installing ACM panels.
  3. Distribute the glue evenly during the installation process.
  4. The aluminum composite panel used for interior application should be divided into different parts according to your design’s requirements.
  5. Use glass glue to seal the panel’s joints.
  6. At last, clean the surface and keep the line’s thickness consistent after the glue is dried entirely.

Check our aluminum composite panel installation guide for more details.